A new discovery…

Wednesday brought about a lovely smile from a regular customer of South Asian origin.  I like smiles that start with the eyes.  I got a wave and have a great day when she got off at her station too.  ^_^

I do have a few regulars that seem to be around even though the times I appear change.

On to the discovery.  Ready for the big let down?  It is a great vape shop much closer to home than the ones I have been frequenting, http://www.itsvapetime.ca, just a block away from my doctor.  Coincidence? My doctor still sneaks the odd cigarette I noticed.  This shop even sells the raw materials to make your own juice.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen me on youtube, I vape.  I used it to stop smoking over a year ago, but it has turned out to be rather fun in my opinion.  Despite the initial study that made the rounds follow-up studies show it is much less harmful that smoking…and if you don’t add nicotine to the mix not really harmful at all, except for the sour faces that pass on the sidewalk when you release a big cloud.  This does cause me to smile on the inside at times, two times the fun!

Wait, how old are you again?  Forty-seven going on twenty-one, that’s how old.

I like to hunt too, but not for what you think.  I always have my spear ready for potential guests for the 3OD show (www.threeolddudes.com).  I speared a big one today, I hope he doesn’t get away.  I really think the customs and security officers have given up on me, they stopped asking about my show shirt and tattoo.  I think the U.S. may frown upon causing their agents to burst out laughing.

Sara darling has a new monitor to add to my revitalized laptop, she didn’t like the smaller display of the laptop very much.  This goes with her new desk and comfortable office chair.

I think it’s time to introduce Sara to Mr.Baseball starring Tom Selleck, after my nap, of course, being twenty-one does wear out the forty-seven-year-old.

Overall the day has been very pleasant indeed!

I hope yours was as well,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy, 3OD.

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