No time like right now…

Seven-forty-four am.  I sit here having successfully put together a dual-coil build on my new RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer).  It does have a nice hit with very good vapor production.  Bonus, it was fun to build.  I suppose this is part of the draw to doing it yourself, and it’s very inexpensive to boot.

I also finished the intro part of the video that will play at the September fifth YouTube party in Tokyo.  In a few hours, Simon and Dean will join me in a short hangout where we will talk about the show.

Breakfast has been eaten, coffee consumed, and a few Dr.Pepper as well for good measure.  Topics for today’s Tokyo Tonight show have been shared on the 3OD facebook page (

The day is only just beginning, and I feel I have made a decent start so far.

Another thing I picked up from watching Tai Lopez’s ( free live talks is that although you can do many different things, you must portion out your time and focus on one thing at any given time.  Multitasking isn’t my thing that is for sure, but this bit of information helped me.  Tai went on the say that if you try to do more than one thing at a time, mediocre results are all that you can honestly expect.

As you might imagine I am already energized this morning.  Seeing Sara sleeping beside me is a major source of that energy, it isn’t just the coffee.  I have already chatted with my good friend Simon (, and I strongly suggest you take a look at his videos.  Simon did go to school for video production you know.  Later this morning I will also be chatting with another good friend Dean (, be sure to give him a good listen as well.

I should also say that although I find Tai Lopez an excellent source of information, this is my opinion and there are countless sources out there to choose from.  What you do with the information gained is most important.  I also learned that information plus action equals knowledge.  Believe it or not, many people miss this critical step.

May pleasantness grace your day,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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