Save your reward time for last…

I decided that I needed to lie down around eight pm, just for a rest.

I am typing this at twelve-fifty-five, having fallen asleep.  So, now you know the reason for the title. Ugh…

It was a lovely day at work, with a great deal of fog on the lunch break, all of which came from me and the little RDA that could.

Tomorrow, it is possible I will be seeing Ethan, a transit fan, out on the line.  Ethan got to know me due to a documentary I was in about subway operators in Toronto.  He is part of a club, Virtual TTC Academy.  The two young men who put together the documentary, Weiland and Alex (and I believe Weiland is also the founder of the academy) have been spotted from time to time on the line.

“May the blender of life pour you a smoothie of pleasantness”.  I like this quote, I should, I made it this morning before starting work.  Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

I should note that I am sitting in the living room typing this, having finally moved my computer in the bedroom.  My old Logitech G15 keyboard didn’t survive the move, and I am typing on a newly purchased refurbished wireless keyboard ($14.99) also from Logitech.  That mechanical keyboard that I like will have to wait until Sara is working.

I also made a quick video to see if the sound of the A/C could be heard over my microphone.  It can.  I may have to turn it off for broadcasting the 3OD show…but don’t hold your breath on that one folks.

I also got around to editing together a short intro video for the 3OD show to be shown at the Tokyo YouTube party in Roppongi this Saturday night (

Finally, I just finished watching episode two of a video starring Alistair “Ace” Harding ( and Hikosaemon (, How Ace Makes Vids – ACE Producer vs GEEK YouTuber Ep2 (  I would like to also point out that I am proud to call both these men friends.

Sleep well, those that aren’t already asleep,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

P.S. That bit about saving your reward time for last I learned from Tai Lopez.


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