That special feeling…

I have a friend named Alexander Shiroki (,  Alexander posts many beautiful photos every day, top 40 playlists of different genres of music and funny foreign commercials, along with uplifting sentiments as well.  I believe I first found Alexander on google plus, but I am not absolutely sure.

I admire what he does on social media, so I decided to make a friend request.  Ah! I remember I believe there were mutual friends on facebook, that is how I found him.  Alexander accepted the request.  I began to comment on his posts, and when I felt inspired by something I said so.

We were doing the show one Saturday and two-thirds of the way through I decided that we should randomly invite someone on to the show, someone I considered a celebrity.  This person I invited was Alexander Shiroki.  In the invite, I told him a little about what we were doing added the link to join.

The invite was accepted.  Alexander joined in audio form and was on for thirty minutes and spent a good amount of time in the aftershow.  I had that nice feeling from connecting with someone that I really didn’t expect to connect with.  This feeling lasted all week long.  I have talked with Alexander since and I am looking forward to the next time.

To all my friends that may read this, I hope you realize that you are all very important to my ongoing happiness.  You are all unique and contribute to my happiness in different ways and I am very grateful for each and every one of you.  Just putting it out there, I want every one of you to know I value your friendship.  This is just a little about one of you, in this case, Alexander.

Today I listened to Tai Lopez’s free talk.  The first thing he talked about inverting your fear.  I developed a half decent self-image very late in life, previously fear kept me from many relationship opportunities, although I always seemed to have friends.

Now I have many friends, and I may have said this before, that I consider very special in my life and I expect many more.  I also have the wife I didn’t think even existed anywhere in the world.

What I need to do now is continue to learn as much as I can about developing successful interpersonal relationships.  There are rare moments to spread kindness and build friendships, and if I think of a way to spread kindness to someone and it is safe to do so, I stop what I am doing and spread that kindness right away.  This is the kind of thing that if you put it off, the moment passes and you probably won’t remember to do it later.

If you have never done this, and this is my thing that is important to me, you may have a completely different vision than I do in life, but striking while the iron is hot is of vital importance.  Whatever your vision is you need to have deep domain knowledge about it. (This is more information from Tai Lopez’s talk today)  I looked up Tai’s video about deep domain knowledge and here it is.

I am not always going to be going on about self-improvement,  I promise to write about just about anything that comes to mind during the day.  Remember I am working on developing this daily habit of blogging.

I hope you enjoyed your day,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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