Stage One Complete

Stage what complete?  Today at lunch there was something missing from the street corner where I sit and watch the world walk by as I’m eating lunch.  Fog.  From me.

So I didn’t vape at lunch, as much as I do enjoy the reactions of the uninformed.  I also enjoy the very rare “Nice Vape”.

Onward to another topic.  I look forward to the future when I am able to purchase a nice mechanical keyboard.  The keyboard (membrane) I am using is a smaller than normal size and the forearms to get a bit tight while typing.  I remember when all keyboards were mechanical, and they fell out of favor.  I suspect the much lower manufacturing costs had a great deal to do with that trend (wink).

Let’s talk about a favorite store of mine.

I love electronics, in general, and this place usually has what you need.  Not to mention I bought a Cusinart coffeemaker there for half price last boxing week sale.  This became my favorite store after when they opened a location closer to me.  Back when ATI was still a Canadian company Infonec was just down the street from ATI headquarters, which made purchasing the newest All-in-wonder card a snap.  This was back when cards were seemingly released every three or four months.  I was buying the latest as they came out and the same went for processors and motherboards when required, and sometimes ram.  The only months old parts would pile up and I would put computers together out of them and sell them to friends at steep discounts.

Being the go-to guy for computer advice was fun for a while…but I would frequently be amazed at what would become of people’s windows installations.  At first.  This got old after a while, and the video cards got better and eventually a point was reached where they didn’t require constant upgrading to keep up with the latest games.

For me, this point was the Radeon HD 5870.  I bought two the first week of September when they were released and only just replaced them this past February.  The replacement?  A Club 3d Radeon R9 290 at two-thirds the price of one of the previously mentioned 5870s, not even taking into account the rate of inflation.  I dropped a grand for the two cards seven years ago, and the 290 was 370 tax in.

I no longer game so I had no need of a flagship card, but I do edit videos from time to time and open cl performance was on my mind.

I do like Nvidia and have owned many of their cards (and recommended them to others) over the years, but I still am an AMD fanboy at heart.  My processor in case you are wondering now is an Intel i5 4670.  I also like sales, and I picked up the 4670 for 226 Canadian tax in.  I have never since seen it that low (boxing week sale again).  I didn’t buy an i7 because the price was never right for me.

My laptop does have an i7, one of the first, and with the addition of a Samsung 850 Evo SSD it is running beautifully despite being six-plus years old.  The laptop I also configured with a 5870 (single, I felt crossfire was overkill for a laptop at the time).  Nvidia was an option, but I was one of the ones burned with the previous gaming laptop I had, a Dell XPS 1710 with the Nvidia GPU self de-soldering feature.  It is still under my bed, but won’t be for long.

For those of you that are still awake, I did have a great day out there at work.  It was most pleasant.

After work I brought Sara to the pharmacist, then we went to visit with Steve at in Scarborough.  We went there to get Steve’s Canadian tobacco flavor e-juice for Sara because it doesn’t have an unpleasant odor after it is vaporized, unlike some other tobacco flavors.

Steve knows the story of how Sara and I met, today he suggested I write a book about it.  A good idea I think.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much the price of vaping equipment has fallen.  Seriously if you are still smoking and want to stop but still have that oral fixation, vaping could be for you.  Cheaper and healthier.

I just caught Andre’s ( periscope, he’s a mathematition you know, as he ran to catch his train to Tokyo for the party tonight (Saturday night for everyone on this side of the world).  I then felt the need to do my own periscope.  Trend stacking man, trend stacking!

I am looking at a short book beside me, titled “The Go-Getter” by Peter B. Kyne.  Sixty-two pages of inspirational material, in my opinion.

Speaking of inspiration, she is sitting at the desk beside me.  Her name is Sara.  I love her, I want her, I need her.

The end.

Thanks for popping in,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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