It never hurts to ask…

I have recently installed the app periscope.

There was a periscope by Kat Mcdowell (, this morning, I did manage to ask her if she would be willing to visit us on the show.   One never knows, time will tell.  She did add me back on google plus.

I have started to read “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J Stanley.  Interesting so far.  I shall report back later.

Sara tackled a small project today, applying a vinyl translucent window covering to the window beside the air conditioner so that we could take down the rubber padded tiles that were there.  She accomplished this, so  now there is more light.  She will continue working on the flying monkey minions later.

Today some of you may have noticed that I forgot to wear my hat and glasses on the show…I guess it was my turn to be the absentminded professor.

I am in the process of deciding which movie to watch tonight…I kind of want to watch Mad Max again…but perhaps Fast 7 might be better.  Hmm, the verdict is in.  Sara has no interest in Fast 7, so it shall be Big Hero 6 which she hasn’t seen.

Once the morning rolls around I shall be watching Jason’s (  “Argo on Air” and this will be followed by Hikosaemon’s ( “Tokyo Tonight”.  These are both interactive YouTube shows on at 9 am eastern and 10 am eastern respectively.

Until Sara got here, the television was only turned on to stream YouTube.  Sara’s television is currently on Discovery Science and I am watching two guys see how fast they can cool a can of beer.  I have to admit that this is an important subject.

Another important subject.  Daily consumption of personal growth material.  I have been using different YouTube videos for this, but reading is just as effective if not more so.  Developing this habit can lead to sometimes surprising results, in a good way.  My personal experience has shown this to be true.  I would be taking part in a conversation and suddenly I saw something that makes me think “where did that come from”.  From my sub conscience, that’s where.  I got quite into communication with the sub conscience in the early nineties.

I shall conclude at this point by thanking the universe for helping Sara to come into my life.  I should at least write the full story of how we met into the digital realm at some point in the near future.

Thanks for visiting a second time today,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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