I own an ipad? I never thought that would happen.

I just missed out on a great deal yesterday but got a deal almost as good.  Ipad mini2 cellular for $360 Canadian. New.  Now I can really play with the Korg iKaossilator.

Sara and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant today.  Yum.  We were supposed to meet up with friends, but they were a no-show, and at this point I haven’t even heard from them.  That’s okay, though, there will be another time.

There is something I do quite often that is counter-productive to my state of well-being.  I spend far too much time thinking about people that I don’t like.  I am getting better at catching this.  Does this happen to you also?  Things go much better once I shift over to thinking about people I do like, that like me back.

Moving forward, tomorrow’s show will feature guests of a different nature.  This is something different, we will see how it works out.

Sara’s cat seems to be favoring my attention over Sara’s…OH OH!  I do like dem kittehs. Meow!

My state of constant fog shall be diminishing soon, I am running out of e-juice.  I probably need a break from that, I’m sure the people that walk by me at lunch will be pleased.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I like to include something possibly helpful or positive here each day.  I quite often don’t feel that way when I get home.  I need something to clear the fog.  For me, I find listening/watching one of Tai Lopez’s free videos on YouTube.  You have heard his name here before.  This is just what I do, and am doing currently, to get my mind on the right track.  At least the track I want it on.

There are many people mentioned by Tai that also have free videos on YouTube.  One of these people might inspire you in some way.  One never knows until one tries, eh? <=Canadian thingy there.

Here is something I just heard, that resonated with me, in the video I am watching now “People, the second you and I take this feeling that we’re owed something then everything offends us, because everything people do or every sickness that we have, it’s going wait…I’m owed a perfect life and this Carter (person) said “I’m not owed anything, so I’m just gonna plough away and go through life as it comes to me””.  That sentence is somewhat long isn’t it? This video is a discussion about a book called “The Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday.  Here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hojdwj1X6Jo.

You always have the ability to choose and decide your own attitude.

I’m going to finish watching the video,

I hope I see you in the comments tomorrow on the 3OD show.  To assist you in this, here is the link to tomorrow’s show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_cmj7d4j4E.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

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