Is it only Tuesday?

It’s only just Tuesday, but it seems like a week has already gone by.  It used to make sense that the days and weeks and months would fly by as you got older simply because each time period is a shrinking percentage of your age.


Once you learn how to really live, to live a life you need no escape from, each day will last for as long as you want it to.  This has been my experience since Sara got here.

Worried about being a slave to your smartphone or computer?  Are you using this technology to reach out and meet and make new friends (or money even)?  Are you searching out useful information to turn into knowledge?   If you are doing these things, you don’t need to be concerned.  You are just ahead of the game.  Oh, you mean mainstream media says otherwise?  The sheep do need to be kept ‘informed’ (insert evil laugh here).

How do you learn how to live?  Good question.  Read more. (Yes, more from Tai Lopez…there is a very good list of books at  Don’t like reading?  There are audio versions out there.  Listen while you commute, clean, flake out on the sofa, vacation in Mexico.  You need a daily intake of worthwhile material to move forward.

I was happy to read yesterday that one of my facebook friends in Japan just moved forward and landed a killer job.  How did he do it?  Good old honest, passionate enthusiasm.  He didn’t ask or apply for this job,  he was offered it because he demonstrated outright skill and enthusiasm doing something he loves.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion in my early years.  I already was working at my current company and knowing the true value of my pension I wasn’t looking for another job.  Good thing too, because I would have missed out on the enjoyment I get from doing what I am doing every day.

There is room for more, though.  Hence this blog.  Forming a habit of writing every day is part of that, as is going back to reading each day from the good stuff.

I certainly experience unhappiness from time to time, but isn’t this needed to experience happiness?  What do you think?  Yes, I am watching yet another Tai Lopez video, this one about a book called “Civilization and It’s Discontents”.   More to read.  Indeed.

If you are on vacation, say in Mexico, then perhaps this ( ) is for you.  Just get on your favorite chair by the pool or on the beach and let it soak in.

Oh yeah, Georgia says “Meow”

Enjoy the moment,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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