There was a shooting today…

I came home to see police tape blocking off the street south of me.  I wonder what it was about.  More importantly, what kind of guns were used.  Handguns are generally not legal here.  As long as this isn’t the beginning of a trend.

Enough of that, I’m sure it will be on the news tonight.

I will be spending at least an hour tonight listening to Tai’s next lesson from the 67 Steps, along with some reading.

I don’t know about you, but I find I feel most creative between nine and eleven am.  Too bad there isn’t much I can do about it, except talk to myself about it while I am working.  I do remember what I think about then, but that driving energy isn’t always around when I get home.

Guess what, as I typed that…I felt a surge of that energy.  This says to me that it is possible to re-wire your brain to work best for you when you need it.  I hope I’m not pissing into the wind with this thought.

I have been getting to work early to maintain the habit of taking the same bus in the morning. This probably raises an eyebrow or two at work.  Long overdue positive change is taking place.

Exercise is part of this.  I have been doing simple isometrics since the end of July to help prepare myself for more serious resistance training.  My wife is joining me on this.  I have worked out since I was sixteen until four years ago when I tore my rotator cuff.  As you might imagine I would rather this not happen again.  So it is slow and easy for me.  Three times a week.  I will work in light cardio once I begin resistance training.

Will I lose weight?  Probably, with a change in diet.  I’m not talking about salads, although I certainly like those.  I will refrain from taking in more energy than I am going to use at any given time.  Once I reach this level I should be able to drop maybe a pound a week.  We will see, I am getting older.  So far I have noticed slightly increase muscle mass without a drop in weight.  Time to reset the body fat scale to see where I’m at.

Have you noticed I am rambling?  I do hope to type something somewhat inspirational further down the page.  I may need to intake some more clear liquid to help clear the coffee in my brain.

Today I heard about Meerkat.  It is similar to Periscope.  Instant live streaming.  Watching more than streaming right now.  Perhaps a short quote of the day.  What would you use these instant streaming services for?  I believe for me this blog and studying will be enough for now.  I was invited to a webinar tonight…perhaps I will learn something I can put into action.

Sorry, I needed a hug from my wife.  I am back now.

Oh, guess what?  We will probably have Emily Louise Maitland as a guest this Saturday(UPDATE it will be next Saturday the 26th). ( , , , ) It should be fun! It usually is, at least for the three of us anyways LOL!

One last thing.  Back when wedding invitations were being sent out (late last year) I was asked for an invitation from a friend at work.  I got his address and Sara’s mother sent him one.  I didn’t realize that he was intending to come.  The only thing that stopped him was a bridal conference that weekend which made the price of the plane ticket astronomical.  Once I found out that was why he wanted a physical invitation, I had a great difficulty reigning in my emotions.  I was having my normal mental health issues magnified greatly by nervousness leading up to the wedding, but still I was quite moved by this.  In the best kind of way.

Some of you know him, his name is Pomp.  Thanks, Pomp, that meant a great deal to me.

That is about it for now,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

P.S. Phyllis, I will be mentioning you tomorrow.


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