Can you use it in time?

Kindness…it sort of explodes within me from time to time.

It wasn’t too long ago that I made the decision to act on this kindness whenever it struck if I was able to.  I do know that if I don’t use it right away, it will fade to nothing almost as quickly as it appeared.

Yesterday I mentioned my friend Kei.  I was listening to her first album when an enormous wave of inspiration struck be so forcefully it was like being a teenager again on a caffeine and sugar rush.  I wrote her as soon as I could to let her know that her music had given my back my youthful inspiration.  I vowed to use it well.  One of the things I said I would do with it is spread kindness whenever the opportunity arose.  Kei needed some assistance translating into Japanese what I wrote to here, and she was very moved.

I am still saving some inspiration for later, but this has helped point me in a more specific direction in life.

It has also led to many enjoyable interactions with friends, new and old.

I am now on a continuous journey of learning how to spread kindness more effectively.  I find doing so very rewarding.  Tai Lopez’s 67 Step program is part of this.  There is a great deal of information available, and I know I’ve said this before…just choose a source and turn it into knowledge.

I’m heading into work early tomorrow to start filming the video for my co-worker Jim.  I have put together videos before, but I’m especially nervous about this one.  I will do it, though.  I hope it turns out alright.

I was inspired this morning by reading a friend’s blog.  I was inspired to reach out to her because of what I read.  I hope it was of some benefit to her.

I was putting together a bbq today, and it just reinforced the fact that it hurts to bend over with a large stomach.

I’m working on that.  250 lbs is a bit much for my 5’8″ frame.  I probably wouldn’t look too skinny at 200.  That sounds like a better number.



I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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