Film at eleven…

I have talked with many co-workers today.  Many people I haven’t seen for some time.  I just wish it had been under better circumstances.

Light and dark, balance.  How do you balance out your dark side?  I try to balance out mine with kindness.  That and naps.

I just want to sleep right now, but I shall finish this, which will probably be short again.  My energy was expended today at work…and I need to recharge.  I have some left for my wife, though.  I will always have some for her, and a little for Georgia as well.

It is time for some reading before sleep, reading for knowledge that is, not fiction.  I was going to say not for pleasure, but I am enjoying the current book I am reading.

I jumped the gun last week about Emily Louise Maitland, she will be with us this Saturday.  I will post the link here on Friday’s blog.

I wonder if I should stand on the scale.  I think I will.  Well, at least it didn’t say try again later.  Down about a pound, that is about right.  A pound a week is good.  Hopefully, I can keep it up long enough to make a difference, it is getting old having trouble putting on my socks.

I am very skilled at breaking up a pair of sock’s relationship.  Give me several pairs of socks, and you will show you several degrees of separation.  It takes a special pair of socks to stay together in my presence.  Most don’t make the cut.  Shattered dreams cover the floor in my bedroom.  Poor socks…

I do love my other clothes to death.  Literally.  My favorite items just fade away to nothing.  Yet I have too many clothes.  Not for long, not for long…a great purge is coming.

Did you know, Jerry and Mika are in Japan right now? I missed an earlier periscope from Jerry today.  Have you ever watched them? .  Jerry was the one that asked me to make my work video that led Sara to me.  Mark, was the person that led me to everyone else, the first person I found that I could relate to on YouTube.  Here is an example of Mark’s work .

May everyone sleep well,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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