Swing and miss…and hit and miss and hit.

There will be one person amazed tonight…me if I manage to write anything at all.  Does this count?

I was just watching my friend Andre at target and batting practice.  Check it out for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG9wJhAwOks .  Andre has visited us on the show in the past as our local Mathematician.  He plays the guitar and sings too.  He even makes amusing videos, make sure to check them out.

There is going to be a hockey game Saturday night, which I am attending with Sara.  It is a fundraiser, and I imagine I will see many co-workers I haven’t seen in some time.

My job is like that, I only see the people that start at a similar time to me, and those that have a break at the same time.  Years can pass sometimes before I see someone I know well again.

I saw a someone today I haven’t seen since 1995.  Surprisingly he still looks about the same.  No, there is no YouTube channel to link to so I will leave it up to your imagination.

It’s seven pm already, I will be heading back to work at eight to do some more filming.  I will do some editing when I get home, then a few hours sleep and back to my regular shift in the am.

Potholes, lovely things that they are, simply lose their lustre after the first impact.  I anticipate many impacts on the way in tonight.  On a bus without the optional suspension.  Potholes are to roads like gravy is to french fries, it is difficult to imagine one without the other.

A haze fills the room as I sit here going through Sara’s e-liquid like it was water.  There are worse things I could be doing…

I sit here having fun distracting Sara from her game, heh heh.



I am serious about my weekly therapy. www.threeolddudes.com
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

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