Is that a bun in the oven?

No, it was just casserole LOL!

Did that title grab you and now you’re disappointed?  Sorry, it’s okay to leave now.

For those of you that stuck around, let me ask you a question.  Are you vacation-minded?  Do you endure your job and live for those moments?

I was asked this question today.  For some of you, but not my fellow employees as we have that payoff coming, it was suggested that if you hate your job so much, perhaps it would be a good idea to not go back to it after vacation.  What?!?  What kind of thinking is this?  Is it a way to put you on a path to a happier life?  This is what I heard…just regurgitating what I heard today so I can retain it better.  I learned that too.

Another question, do you tap dance to work?  Do you get out of bed ready to go?  I know that before Sara got here I sure didn’t.  I stayed in bed until that last possible moment, getting to work with seconds to spare.  This has changed, and I’m up at four am on social media connecting, or on YouTube learning or staying in touch with my friends.  I also get to work with time to spare.  How very unlike the old me.

Last question I had today.  Are you in danger of going after something you lust or are you going after something you like.  I will use relationships as an example.  You know that feeling you get when you are attracted to someone in a lustful way…all hormones and emotions and passion.  It doesn’t seem to last based on my own experience.  Fun yes, long term no.  For me I was looking for generosity, kindness, respect, inspiration…my wife also happens to be ‘hot’ as some have said, this was a bonus.  She is also white.  Boy did this throw off just about every single person that has known me over the years as ‘Mr.Oriental’.

It was my goal to meet someone just like me except a girl, and this is who found me.

So, expect more positive changes in the future.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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