It isn’t just in my head…

It’s not, you know…depression that is.  It runs in my family…we have all had to deal with it at some point.

I heard this comment just the other day.  If you have ever told someone it’s just in your head…consider yourself lucky.  Very lucky.  Also, feel free to remove a few excuses as to why you haven’t done something you should have lately…or something you procrastinated on.  Come on, it’s all in your head after all isn’t it?

There was something that would occasionally come back to eat away at me.

Back when I separated from my first wife, I cut myself off from her family.  I had deep-seated resentment about how I was treated early on in our relationship.  This was where I was as a person back then.  I was full of anger.  Still an optimist…but an angry one.

Why mention this now?  Simply because it was time to do something about it.  I still see my wife’s father on his way to and from work from time to time.  He doesn’t exactly radiate happiness.  I wasn’t able to find him directly, but I am friends with my ex-wife on facebook….so I gave her a message to forward to her father…there is another avenue I could take but I will see what happens.  Oh yeah, the message was basically an apology to him for refusing to talk to him all these years.  Whatever he decides to do with that is his business, I am letting this go now.

Ok, rant and personal business aside, here is something I have been taught.  Read a bit of a biography (perhaps someone you look up to or someone who has accomplished much) before you go to bed to build courage.

There is more about reading different types of books at different times of day…but that is the one that stuck with me.

Hey, did you see that trailer for the upcoming Vin Diesel movie “The Last Witch Hunter”?  Looks like some good action going down!

Sleep well my friends,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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