The worst seems to be over.

Whatever it was with people this week, it seems to have died down today.  It was starting to get old.

I managed to wrench my knee when exercising today…Tylenol for sleeping tonight.  These things happen, I must be more careful.

This Saturday night is Nuit Blanche in Toronto, a free all-night (contemporary) art event.  I had just finished seeing my favorite local band at the Windsor Arms on Nuit Blanche many years ago, we walked outside at 2:30 am and there were whole families walking the streets.

The subways will run all night.  There is even a group pass available good for two adults and four youths up to 19 for $11.50.  Good all day Saturday until Sunday at 9 am.

A change of subject…I just checked my email to discover something called an “Air Fryer” by Phillips, sold at my favorite local computer store Canada Computers.  It seems to be a high-speed convection oven…I watched the video for it, you can cook a whole chicken and potatoes in 30 minutes.  I have been cooking again since Sara got here, but I will make do with the mini convection ovens we have.

I used to be really into cooking until one day I suddenly wasn’t.  I just stopped.  It was probably a self-image thing.  I was telling a friend at work about the curry I had put together in the slow cooker at home, in a very animated fashion.  I suddenly realized how excited I was about this curry dish and I actually shut myself down.  I have never made one since.

I believe it’s time to revisit my good friend curry “god’s gift to the common man”.  Just have to make sure Sara can eat it.  J-Town here I come!  Oh, I generally buy Japanese curry blocks that you melt into the mix of whatever is in the pot but I have used other curries too.

I can safely say I am not going to shut myself down this time.  I got used to having to protect new ideas growing up, but you can miss out on advice and assistance that way and end up wasting a great deal of time.  Finding a mentor in a specific area of interest will really speed things up.

I almost bought a chicken roti today, almost, they are rather large but very tasty…a bit much for lunch, what with having 3.5 hours left to work after lunch…I imagine a nap would have tried to take me.

So, slightly different content today…I learned to switch up things a bit the other day.  Today cooking, tomorrow computers? cars?  I would like to try to include something helpful each day.

Hmm, I mentioned cars…let me briefly talk about the Bugatti Veyron.  You may never have heard of it, and if you have you might not like the way it looks.  That, I believe isn’t the point of this car.  I look at it and feel hope for the future.  Countless obstacles were overcome bringing that beast to fruition, and the end result was an actual 1000 horsepower car you can drive daily if you so choose…1000 horsepower cars were nothing new, but a production car that is completely civilized and highly refined with that much available power was.  It was quite the accomplishment when it was introduced.

Trickle down technology works much better than trickle down economics ever did.  A Charger Hellcat?  Caddilac CTS-V? Yes please, one of each.  Don’t forget about Godzilla either…I need some Nissan lovin’ too! (R34 in my case)

I do like the intake snarl of my current Nissan when accelerating in a spirited fashion on the highway.  Ramping up lateral G-Force in corners feels pretty good too, but not from Sara’s point of view.  It seems she gets car sick easily, which will prove interesting when she takes that advanced driving course at Mosport.

Are you still awake?  We always lose viewers on the show when we start talking about cars.  Ah yes, the show.  Glad you asked.  Here is the link. . Hikkipedia will join us 30 minutes in, but Shaun the Birthday Boy will be there from the start.  Come be part of the conversation.

See you there,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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