How is your energy level?

I am pretty sure I’m powered by light.

The right balance of light, including the sun, energizes me like nothing else.  This and loving on people that is.  I get very nice energy from doing this.  I did it yesterday with a video…and I believe I’m going to make another one tonight.

Insights can come from anywhere or anyone.  I like to avoid politics, and if you are familiar with where I live then you know why.  I am going to vote, though, and you better too!  Still there was a politician that I was wasting time thinking about, but my friend Zach provided some insight that fixed that issue.  Check out his channel. .  Oh yeah, today is his 24th birthday.

Driving, this is something I enjoy.  A great deal.  Too bad I have to fork out an extra 400 dollars a year for a mental health assessment for the Ministry of Transportation.  Just to keep my license.  Don’t worry, though, I’m a much better driver than the majority.  With one exception that I know of, you don’t become a better driver playing video games.  I see people that drive like they are playing a game all the time.  Sometimes I see people that are still mentally in their living room behind the wheel of a car.  I try to keep my distance from these ones, the “accidents waiting to happen” people.  They never have accidents themselves, but cause them.  Safe driver my ass!  Ok…I had better stop the rant now.

I had a YouTube comment the other day on a video I deleted shortly after I made it.  This person said that they find my videos inspiring.  Hmm….it feels strange when I hear that from people, and I have heard it before.  Even from very young people.  I love watching and being inspired by people I look up to, so I suppose that this is rubbing off on me.  It is a direct result of this association.  You don’t have to be in their physical presence, although that is a very good thing to do if you can manage to arrange a face to face, you can associate with them by their videos and books.  Even dead people can offer good association this way.  Reading the right books at the right time is important.  Did you know there is just such a list of books available for free at  I have begun reading several of them.  You can read more than one book at a time.  Look for the gold nuggets hidden in each one.  Yes, I have been reading today, and I shall do some more after writing this and catching up on a free talk I missed the first two hours of that was broadcast live Thursday afternoon.

There is another free talk tomorrow, about 3 pm eastern time.  I bet you figured out that I am talking about a Tai Lopez talk…yes I am.  I will be watching.  Have you ever watched one?  This blog came to be as a result of watching these talks and free YouTube videos since May.  You can go to Tai’s website and register if you like Tai’s stuff.  If you don’t, find someone who has what you want and try to learn what they know.  Keep moving forward.

That’s enough for now,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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