The feeling will pass.

So I was sleeping..and sleeping…I often lie down when I start to feel restless.  This can lead to sleep. Which it did yesterday.  So this late blog post.  I do write elsewhere every day, but that is related to the lessons I am doing.

Even this is hard to put down.  I expect the feeling to pass, it always does.  Usually, after I get to work.  There is a certain level of concentration required there, and it takes my mind off little things like this.  Which is why I have already begun working on something else to keep me busy after I leave the company, even though it is a tad under five years away.

So the clock is ticking down to the time I must begin getting ready for work.  Some might call it the daily grind.  I happen to enjoy mine, many say that this is very rare.  I am good at finding ways to enjoy whatever it is I am doing for work.   I must have picked up that from my grampa also.

This feeling, like boxes of facial tissue, do not last long at my place.  Having just used some tissue, the feeling has already started to pass.  Blood flow is returning.  A bowl of chili should help as well.

Have a good day, see you tonight.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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