I miss the sun already.

Today ended up being a good day, although the sun didn’t peek out from behind the clouds for me at lunch.  It often does and I appreciate it greatly.  Still pleasant interactions with friends and strangers, here and abroad, contributed to my inner peace.

I may even go to bed earlier than usual, I only had a brief nap.

I do have some reading to do, I need to ramp up that habit.  I have a very large assortment of books to choose from. Perhaps some of Arnold Shcwarzenegger’s book Total Recall.

I learned today about contrast bias.  From Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps. (It’s just 67 dollars you know for lifetime access)

Did you know that Arnold worked out six hours a day?  With that in mind, would that make it easier to work out 15 minutes a day?  This was an example Tai used in today’s lesson.

I started working out when I was 16.  I knew it was time to join a gym after getting 200lbs pressing against my neck while working out at home alone.  I was 18 then.  It wasn’t long before I was working out 2 to 3 hours a night six days a week.

I was in good shape, I ran 6k three times a week and a 10k on the weekend.  This was after I abused my knees working in an improper fashion at home.

I wish I had heeded more of my mentor’s advice in this matter.  I did remember one thing he said.  If you want to get big, do what the big guys are doing.  If you apply contrast bias to this, you need to choose a really big dude to watch.  Why?  If you only make 10% of the gains the big guy makes, you will still make excellent progress.  I didn’t want to become huge, I just wanted to be 200lbs in good shape.  I am currently just over 250lbs at around 32% bodyfat.  At 200lbs, I am around 17 t0 18%.  A good body fat scale is important to measure this, I choose a Tanita sports model for this purpose.  Oh, by the way, I am 5’8″.

You can also make difficult things too simple, like writing a book for example.  I have read many, many books so far in my life of many different genres.  It is time to read a few about actually putting a book together.  The raw material is in my head, organising it in a way that doesn’t put people to sleep is quite another matter.

Mmm, that meatloaf I put in the oven is almost ready, and it smells wonderful!

Time to eat, see you again!


I am serious about my weekly therapy. www.threeolddudes.com
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

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