Next week I begin.

Resistance training that is.  I have almost completed three months of isometric exercises.  There has visually noticeable progress, and a few pounds added to boot.  Of muscle that is,  I haven’t been eating that protein for nothing you know.  I’m not sure how I will respond to the resistance training since I haven’t done it for four years, but hopefully I avoid any new stretch marks.   This will be another three month period, and I will not be going to heavy on the weights, in order for the ligaments to grow stronger and avoid injuries.  Injuries always put an end to previous attempts to return to weight-lifting.  And I really do want to return to it, this helps keep you looking younger you know.  Really.  It’s never too late to start either.  For some this might seem like an impossible challenge, and that’s ok. If you believe it is for you  just learn how to do it right.  Read some books about it and get the advice of a professional (one that looks the way you want to look, keeping in mind your skeletal structure isn’t going to change so work with what you were born with as best you can.).

Remember, there is no true shortcut.  You have to earn those muscles.

A word to women…you are not going to turn into the hulk.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. You want to lose weight, learn what foods are right for you specifically.  My wife has more of a challenge here because she has celiac disease and can’t have gluten.  Stay away from processed foods if you can, they won’t do you any favors.  Tuna is one of my main sources of protein.  I have also returned to the good old egg.  Free range organic mind you.  Better value for the money.  I have beef or pork once a week or so as well.  I like yoghurt, well for calcium and it is delicious in my opinion.  I like vegetables from time to time and brown rice as well.  I am also careful to make sure I am getting the essential fatty acids.

Keep it simple and do the basics.  I started with four exercises.  Bench press, cheat curls, concentration curls and clean-n-jerks.  Arnold’s basics are dead-lift, squat, bench and curls.  I particularly liked dead-lifts, I felt as though they shocked your whole system to rebuild yourself stronger faster.  Whatever you do as far as lifting weights goes if you want to gain muscle, take a day of rest in between each workout day.

Just remember this, there are more exercise routines out there than you can count. Keep it simple and set goals.  This is very important.  Take measurements weekly or once a month too.  Keep expectations realistic and don’t over do it.  A short 7 or 8 min aerobic warm-up to break a sweat and 30 mins actual lifting.  Stretching I liked to do afterwards when I was loosened up but that is up to you.  Did I mention that despite being 240lbs when I was doing powerlifting exercising I could do the splits?  I used to do them in the office in a suit…this would almost always catch someone off guard.  This and grabbing an office chair and doing shoulder presses with it while working meant that people in that building still remember me to this day.

Light aerobics has a place…but you don’t really need an hour at a time to improve…20 minutes five days a week was plenty for me.  You will be building endurance just lifting weights.  Three days a week lifting weights works well for me and left time to socialize like a normal human being.  This will not make you popular at the gym if you just enter, workout and leave…but I knew what worked well for me and I had a wife at home that liked my body but not the price I had to pay for it.  Things now, however, are much different.  I think I will introduce Sara to the wonderful world of dead-lifting as soon as I’m finished writing this.

My first goal was to be able to lift my weight above my head.  That came pretty quickly and I was quite happy about it.  Next goal was to be able to curl my weight.  Next bench my weight.  These all happened…it is important to reset your goals each time you reach them.  Then more serious lifting began at the gym.  I did squats for the first time and developed a bubble butt.  I was naturally lean back then and once I started going out to nightclubs (not to be confused with going to a bar where I would get plastered), I could usually be found dancing on one of the giant speakers without a shirt on.  (note: girls don’t really like it if you happen to grab more attention than they do on the dance floor…at least the girls I was dating at that time.)  Back to goal setting.  I remember reaching my last goal, which was to bench press 315lbs ( I occasionally have done more than that since but just in the course of regular exercise, you know, pyramiding and such).  It was definitely a mental barrier because when I finally did it…it was easy.  I was elated for a few minutes, then I thought “what now?”  I took 3 months off after that and returned with the general goal of lifting weights to maintain my bone density in preparation for the elder years.  I have seen some senior citizen body builders that have always worked out and they look pretty damn good for their age.

I should mention that I have wide shoulders already and a small waist.  In my best shape, it was very difficult to find pants that I could pull over my legs that would fit my waist.  I’m probably not going to legs of that size or a waist of that size, I would be happy with a 32 inch waist again.  I wear 38″ now at 252lbs.  Told you I had a small waist.  The gut that is above that waist, pay it no mind…even without the fat now there, I can still suck down a few 2 litre bottles of pop without a problem.  Once that fat is reduced I will be able to have a flat stomach, but relaxed the extra capacity will still be evident.

This is not to be taken literally for training purposes. These things work for me but may or may not work for you. Except for that day of rest between however many workout days you have come up with that is.  If you want to build mass.

A reminder that this is my daily blog that I am writing to build that habit of writing every day.  That is all it is for now.  Hopefully, you find some amusement in it from time to time…or maybe some inspiration if the words for it are there.

Where did all this about physical fitness come from…well I know a bit about it, and I was reading from Arnold’s book Total Recall.  Read it.  It’s good.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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