Something inspirational for you.

I just finished watching this video, Billions in change.  I think you may find it somewhat interesting.

Okay, now that you have watched it, what do you think?  I like these solutions…seems all too easy doesn’t it.  They just did it.  I sense a lesson in that somewhere…Oh yeah, I volunteered as well.

Enough about that except that by now you if you are a friend on facebook you will have been invited to like the facebook page.

Ok.  Tonight I went to Unity Auto to get a 4 wheel alignment.  For 50 dollars.  You can book online and they are quick.  If you look at the prices for their services it really takes you back in time in the best way.

I learned a bit about how Richard Branson was stuck on an island and got off by chartering a plane.  He sold tickets to the flight and made money doing it…so he started his own airline…and you know how that worked out.

So to make up for yesterday this is a short one, very short in fact.  I need to sleep…but one more thing about that video above.  Sara and I had very different reactions to the video.  She saw the type of person she wants to work for, I saw the power of social media toppling the might of corporations and doing what is right for people and the earth.  Probably one reason for the heavy internet censorship included in the Trans Pacific Partnership (known as TISA)  I’m sure the right people with devise a good and proper workaround for this as well.

That is all,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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