My favorite local band.

LMT Connection is it (  The lead singer, Leroy Emanuel is my favorite local musician.

My friend was always telling me about these guys and telling me about being taken to another level.

I finally went with her one Wednesday night to the Orbit Room ( at College and Clinton in Toronto.  I realized that I wanted to be able to come down alone so I got to know the manager and the band, and she introduced me to ‘the’ regulars.  Over a short span of time, I did get taken to another level.  You have to experience this to believe it.  I was funkified and am now a disciple of funk.  Make it FUNKY!  You can make it funky and still love RUSH though.  I felt it important to mention this, Papa G.

It is almost 2 am here.  I had one of my ‘naps’.  Today was a six-hour nap.  Whoops.  So I finished my studies and I am now doing this.   I imagine there will be another short nap before work.

Being up at this time set the stage for a heart to heart talk with my wife, the night-owl.  Seems it was overdue.  Processing emotions.  Sounds like a way to get an ulcer.  Deal with them when they happen.  They are there for a reason.  Find out why they are they are there is you don’t like the particular ones you are feeling and learn how to deal with them with the help of professional if you have that option.  Not everyone does, so be grateful is this path available to you.

Bitch slapping you with love,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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