A good show and a Birthday.

Today’s show went well.

We initially thought that there would just be the three of us, a classic version of the show.  We have been so accustomed to having guests each week it almost doesn’t seem right not to have one.  We decided to make it an open mic show at the last minute.  We were joined by Ted (www.youtube.com/user/edtomorrow), who has been on the show many times, and by someone we haven’t met before, Mel (www.youtube.com/user/nipponculturequest) who also happen to be from Australia.  This was her first time in a hangout, let alone a live hangout.  Mully (www.youtube.com/user/WarmothStrat) later joined us as did Shaun and Maiki Chen (www.youtube.com/user/inMaikiChen).  It was also Maiki’s birthday.

So we went from the three of us to eight, and interesting commentary from the chat room.  I especially like having people on the show before we have never met.

We went into the after show for about an hour, then I returned to bed until 11 am.  I went to my doctor’s appointment then came home and laid down until 4 pm.

At 4 pm it was time to get ready for my friend Jane’s birthday party.  Sara had never met Jane before, but Jane knew a great deal about her from my facebook posts.  We watched the Jays lose to Kansas City, had chicken wings and talked.  It was the first time for me to meet some co-workers outside of work.  A nice change from a quiet Saturday evening.

And now for some reading…

Bye for now.


I am serious about my weekly therapy. www.threeolddudes.com
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

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