Procrastination rears it’s ugly head.

I have a phone call to make, that’s all.  The only  purpose of this call is to complete a task that I have already finished otherwise.  Will I make the call tomorrow, I certainly hope so.  I will put it in my calendar.

I saw a little snow today, just a few flakes.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I’m much more concerned about the results of tomorrow’s election vote.  You have voted or are going to, right?

I’m just sitting now waiting for Charlie’s and Emily’s (Hikkipedia) live stream.  It is about to start on this channel, which you can, of course, watch at your convenience right here.

Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in fog without a compass, right now as a matter of fact.  It will pass, I will continue to go through the motions that set me back on the right path.  I’m still not sure of the long term goals of what I am doing, more knowledge is needed.

First things first, though, I have to catch that bus tomorrow, early as it has been this past week.  It is a pain to go back to get my car after work.  I have to head to the pharmacy for supplies that rush home to catch a webinar.  It will be a full day.

So with that, I will watch the live stream mentioned above then go to bed.



I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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