Tomorrow’s the day.

Tomorrow is the day Simon heads to Tokyo.  It was supposed to have been all of us, but this will have to wait for another time.  We are all looking forward to his tales of adventure.   We will get to hear some next Saturday on the show as he and the Mully’s join us from Shizuoka.

I believe Monday will be dive into the closet day for me.  Hopefully, I can make short work of it.

Ah yes, today’s show…it was rather a lot of fun, and we ran 30 mins over because Jenny Silver ( and ) was able to join us.  She is very nice to chat with and most kind to join us, even while she was suffering from the tail end of a migraine headache.

Since Simon is going to be busy being a tourist, I will try to rustle up a guest for next week’s show, although it may be a challenge if the potential guest lives in Japan and wants to go out on Halloween.

New Zeland won today’s World Cup Rugby match with South Africa, and although I don’t normally follow Rugby, a friend does and I imagine he is in good spirits right now.

There is a small task I have been putting off, that is cloning my hard drive to replace my tired Seagate 1TB with a new WD Blue 1TB.  Better safe than sorry.  That mechanical keyboard I want will be sometime in the future.

I believe Jason and Hiko will be on tomorrow morning, so time to hit the hay for now.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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