A day of rest

It was a rather restful day, catching Hikosaemon on his Tokyo Tonight YouTube show, while hanging out with my friend Shaun at the same time.

Lunchtime arrived and it was time to go to my mother’s.  A stop at Walmart on the way to get more storage drawers for my over abundance of ‘shinies’ that I have collected over the years, which include almost all of my digital cameras and cell phones.

Hopefully, the morning will include the clearing of the desk in my room which blocks access to the closet. This is an important step required to free up space and storage.  I have a feeling this will be a recurring theme for some time to come.

I almost made it through the day without visiting Canada Computers website…almost.  The lure of a mechanical keyboard is very strong.  At least they have come down in price somewhat.

Simon is seven hours into his flight to Tokyo by now, and we have to wait to see if he got to be on the R2-D2 decorated plane or not.  He was treated to drinks, food, music and entertainment as this was the first direct ANA flight to Tokyo from Belgium.  Perfect timing for him, I am looking forward to my own non-stop flight to Tokyo whenever that may be.

I think I will go and try to read a bit more of my latest book before going to sleep.

See you tomorrow!


I am serious about my weekly therapy. www.threeolddudes.com
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

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