Hot dogs cause cancer?

So it would seem, so I went right out and bought some.

I’m about to eat them now, please pray for me.

Ok, dinner has been eaten.

Oh yeah, I went for a little drive.  I really like driving, it was the thing I most looked forward to growing up.  Once I was finally able to drive (legally) I wasn’t disappointed.  I guess that’s why I didn’t mind if I had to drive for 17+ hours if I grabbed an extra shift at work.  I believe you aren’t supposed to do that anymore, but when I needed the money that extra work came in handy.  This time, I just drove to the grocery store, but I enjoyed the drive all the same.

I sometimes talk to my car, is that strange?  I never criticise it though, any shortcomings can always be blamed on the bean-counters or even a lack of maintenance.  I even thank my car each time I park it, just before I get out.  Oh well, we all need a hobby don’t we?

I do not, however, talk to my computer.  I build my own, and there just isn’t anything to say that I didn’t say while building it…if I said anything at all during the assembly.

For some reason my head is throbbing…perhaps a Tylenol would help.  That or perhaps a shift in perspective, because I have been adding a great deal more than usual to it’s diet.

Time for bed, goodnight.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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