It’s an early one today.

It’s just 9 am and already I am writing a blog.

It isn’t as though I’m not at the computer, that is a given, where else would I be on vacation?

Internet is life, life is internet.  So the government and corporations want to censor the net?  Kind if puts a damper on the whole save the planet thing, don’t you think?  I guess saving the planet is only okay if a small group of people make an exorbitant amount of money doing so…

Whoops, I think I may need some more coffee…time for another cup.

I’m not saying that there aren’t people and companies that are trying to save the world, but it can be a challenge, just personal experience here, finding out about them.  Either that or you see one short story about an invention or idea that solves a massive problem, only to never hear about this again in mainstream media.

This sounds more like an editorial than a blog…next thing you know I will be screaming at some inane article in the newspaper like it will change something.

Still you need to try your best to keep informed, and I’m sure that will be more than one way around a blocked section of the net.

I just saw a video about the first plant-based egg being fried.  Interesting.  Bring on the massive indoor hydroponics already why don’t you?  Solar powered, of course, with thermal energy from the earth’s core as a backup.  I understand that progress is being made on graphene cable with would do the job of transferring that heat to a surface steam generating plant quite nicely.

Okay, time to perhaps do some reading, see you later.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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