Sleep came to visit, then left.

It was an unintended nap, yup, that’s what it was.  I hope I am more alert tomorrow morning than I am now, vacation is over.  Just when I was thinking “I could get used to this”.

The morning was fairly quiet, I watched Tokyo Tonight complete with streaming difficulties, which resulted in a different form of streaming.  Shaun had to go to work at 6:30 am on Monday (which comes 14.5 hours before mine since he is in Australia) so no hangout.  Next it was heading to my mother’s for lunch.  Sara forgot her phone so we had to turn around halfway home to get it,  that was the excitement for the afternoon.   Grilled cheese sandwiches were required at home before the previously mentioned nap.

Slowly waking up only to go back to bed is still better than writing this in the morning, isn’t it?  I have a feeling the content might have been different, but perhaps just as groggily written.

Georgia had quite the busy morning, dropping little nuggets in many different locations, followed by a few puddles of regurgitated breakfast.  Georgia likes to save her poop for special occasions, and she has special meows for both constipation poop and hairballs.  She does try to cover these things up with imaginary dirt, except for when it’s just breakfast she tossed, then she may try to eat it once again saving the trouble of cleaning it up.

I just watched Reina’s son Tony accidentally drop his water bottle and I couldn’t help but laugh.  Watch right here. .  This somehow reminds me of when we used to take a nickel and see how far we could roll it down the hallway at school…yup, it sure did impress the ladies, yes it did.

I haven’t mentioned Reina before.  Perhaps I should have, seeing as it was her show Sugar and Spice that Simon, Dean and I first met.  Simon was inspired to start the Three Old Dudes show after we appeared live on Reina’s channel during  her Christmas special.  Tino ( , ) was the sugar part of the show, so now you know who was spicy ^_^.

On a side note, YouTube seems to unsubscribe you from channels if have are subbed to over 1000 and don’t watch them all regularly.

Ok, it’s now tomorrow, time for bed.



I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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