The return to work was good.

I do enjoy it, being at work.  As a bonus, it keeps me busy for eight hours and pays the bills too.

Keeping busy is a good thing.  Except when it starts to get late, like right now.

Yes, my routine is back, and I feel completely normal once again.

The first person that interviewed Sara that got called away talked to her today, he is in Europe and will be back next week.  He asked her to remind him on Monday to set up a time to continue that interview.

The extra papers immigration requested are almost ready to be sent out as well.  I certainly hope those are well received.

You know you’re in Canada when you see someone wearing flip-flops on November 9th.  I really did, and I know her as well. (her identity will remain a closely guarded secret)

A little Twitter, a glance at Facebook, a visit to YouTube and I’m ready for bed.  Almost.  I learned a little about this tonight,

May pleasantness fill your dreams.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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