Wednesday take two

So, it’s Wednesday evening.  All is quiet.  How did you spend Remembrance Day?

Sara was able to submit the needed documents to immigration Canada electronically, no need to send the hard copies.  So that’s done.  I hope it doesn’t take much longer.

A co-worker has noticed that Google search results look simplified on his iPad now,  I see a small difference between the computer and the iPad, but the results are the same.  The summary seems to be gone from the iPad version, I guess this is what he is talking about.

Sara has told me what she wants for Christmas, but I won’t mention it here.  I have not yet decided what I shall ask for, but socks and underwear work for me.  It can be a challenge to buy clothes for me.  Even when I’m the one doing the shopping.

Have I told you about Steve Miller before?  He is a friend I have made via YouTube and Facebook, here is more about him .  He has a great voice for podcasts and radio and has also appeared on television.  Many of you on Facebook are familiar with his posts because I generally share all of them.  He also does a monthly show called “What’s up Asia” with Hikosaemon.  I was able to watch this month’s show live since I was home on staycation.

You know that website for the Three Old Dudes?  Daniel O’Grady of Wasabicars ( , ) fame made it for us.  This was exceedingly kind of him, and we certainly appreciate it.  He visits us on the show from time to time, and it is always a good time.  I also share his pictures and videos on Facebook on a regular basis, but just in case you don’t know Daniel yet and you are into cars, particularly cars in Japan, please check out his website,, there is much to see there.

It is now getting late, and I would like to remember to bring everything I need to work with me in the morning, unlike today, since I forgot a few things.


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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