The howling wind(ows)

It is a windy one tonight, about 47 km/h from the west, but the new windows tend to amplify this.  They are good at keeping out the cold, but they are louder in the wind than the old ones.  It is an acceptable trade off.

I am using a program that I heard about from Hiko Saemon ( that reduces the amount of blue light that your monitor gives off at night, so you can sleep better.  Check it out here  It adjusts the color according to the lights you use near your computer and the time of day.  I like it so far.

Today I will mention Kathryn ( , , who has visited us on the show together with Jenny ( , ).  Good people these are, great fun to chat with.

My friend Garry in Japan thanked Facebook for reminding him that is is Friday the 13th.  I wouldn’t have noticed had I not seen his post.  I wonder if it will make the day slightly more interesting.

When I experience glycogen bursts at work, I generally start to converse with myself.  I am the only one in the cab, so you work with what you have.  I do get an odd look or two now and then, but that’s the price you pay for being easily entertained.

It is time to shut down for the evening, activate the manual call-on  lever, and proceed at not more that 15 km/h into bed.

Bye for now,


I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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