Saturday night special

Well, not really, but I am up late so here goes.  I did sleep in this morning, Simon had to call me at 6:45 am to wake me up to do the show at 7 am.

The show was fun today, we had a few visitors, Maiki Chen ( and her husband, Ted ( and Jess (  Dean has an ear infection so wasn’t able to make it.  We even had a term of the week at the end of the show, provided by SpeedGimp in Florida.

We haven’t done too many of those terms of the week lately, it really depends on who is visiting us at the time.  That and we have to really search for one that we haven’t already covered.

There was a live call this afternoon by Tai, it was quite good.

Sara made dinner tonight, and she was very pleased with the results.  It was quite tasty.

It’s beginning to feel like winter out there, at least on this side of the world.

Time to hit the hay, I shall be watching Tokyo Tonight in the morning.  That is if Hiko does the show tomorrow, because it’s his 40th birthday.  I hope he has a great one.



I am serious about my weekly therapy.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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