It’s late once again.

I just watched a very nice video from my friend Charlie, take a peek

Sara and I will be meeting up with Charlie sometime in December.  I also anticipate meeting Doga of Dogadogatv, soon, he has just recently arrived in Toronto.

I thought I was coming down with something like a fever today at lunch, Tylenol and a good burger seemed to settle my stomach, though.  It almost felt like car-sickness.  It has passed, that is the main thing.

It was a beautiful day, not at all November like.  That, I heard will happen next week.  I had better find my thermal underwear before then.

I also happened to notice that the format of WordPress has changed the format slightly.  These things happen.  I wonder if it will look the same.

I also wonder if I will dream of creating infinite abundance as I did last night.  It seems I was moving around a great deal when I usually wake up in the same position I fall asleep in.  This moving around business matters more when there is someone in bed with you.  I shall leave instructions for my sub-conscious to not actually move around if I’m dreaming it.  I haven’t sent it instructions for some time now, we’ll see if I can still do it.

For some reason, The Cars just started playing in my head…it may be an interesting night.

Sleep well,


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