Gliding through…

It was one of those days, with a very smooth flow.  At least for me, there did seem to be some excitement among the bus operators I interacted with.  Not actual excitement mind you, more like excitability.  Running late can get to you after too much of it, as can being cut off by a small car.

I still made it home in good time.  I then proceeded to miss a large chunk of the afternoon and evening on the bed.  At least I am getting this done before I turn in for real.

Sara leaves in less than a week to visit her parents for US Thanksgiving, so it will be me and Georgia for two weeks.  I hope I don’t get to see any nuggies, puke or hairballs during this time period.  I probably will, though, as long as I see them before I step on or in them.

I shall see you tomorrow,


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