Tuesday departure blues…

Well, it happened.  That thing that hasn’t visited me since early August struck today.  It sucks, but it will pass.  I did still watch Tai’s live talk today..which wasn’t free.   I needed that boost.

Oh, the departure?  Sara went to visit her parents for US thanksgiving.  Maybe it was the thought of coming home to an empty apartment that triggered it.

I feel the need to go for a drive, and I probably will.  It may involve vaping, one never knows.

I think I will spend the evening reading.  It will certainly be quiet.

I am in the mood for some egg nog, and I know just the place to get it.  I will try not to drink it all at once.

I may also watch some of my friends on YouTube.  The fact that most of them have been on the ThreeOldDudes show makes watching them more enjoyable.

Are you reading every day?  I’m going to start the book Wooden by Coach John Wooden.  This was recommended by Tai Lopez…I have previously read many books that are on his list long before I started following Tai, based on the advice of previous mentors.  You need to tend the garden of your mind if you want to attract the people worth being around you know. So get gardening already!


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