It’s early Sunday morning…

It seems that 4 am is the point at which I give up trying to sleep most days unless I want the last moment of the last dream I had replayed over and over and over again.  So I sit in front of the computer once again.

It is very quiet in the living room, more so than the bedroom.  In the bedroom, you can catch sounds of people milling about at just about any hour of the day.  I can fill the room with haze from my e-cigarette in peace.

I do have a new tank, an Aspire Triton V2.  Dripping is hard to top, but this is a good substitute.  It features top fill and a lower power requirement but still good vapor production.  I was using this Saturday on the show, here is a picture. 20151129_052447

I took my own picture instead of grabbing one off the net.  If you are looking for a decent tank, give it a shot.  I have found that 40 watts with all VG juice is plenty of power for it using the 0.5 ohm resistance coil.

I am still thinking about what time I should head up to my mother’s place.  I usually arrive at lunchtime, although in the past I would get there at 7:30 am.  Earlier may be better than later today, but I do appreciate having my desktop’s better Google Hangout handling ability available.

This brings me to breakfast, scrambled eggs with tuna, a pinch of salt and a healthy amount of cayenne pepper sounds good to me.

I may see y’all later today,


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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