I sometimes do this after work…

I watch a Tai Lopez free talk.  Blew it up today, he did.  I finish early enough to catch it live, I’m grateful for that.  Not  your cup of tea, this isn’t a problem, have a nap instead I hear they can help.

Lately, I have to console Georgia because the interior of the apartment is changing for the better.  She has to tell me right away that things changed while I was away.  At least she seems to have chosen a new chair to cover in fur.

Today I finally bit the bullet and did it.  I bought a Panasonic wet/dry nose hair trimmer.  Today was all about the win!

Eggnog covered vanilla ice cream has ended the day.  This and watching highlights of Mrs Brown’s boys last year Christmas special on YouTube.  If you haven’t seen this show, I would highly recommend it.

Sleep will come early, I have already talked to Sara.



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