Tired, time for a drive

This worked for me, waking me up that is,  with some electro techno house.  I was revitalized by the time I arrived home.  I also managed to empty my Aspire Triton V2 tank on the round trip to the pharmacy.

I better write this before I lay down for a nap because one is incoming.

Tomorrow’s show link is right here.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zUqM15M9iM .  It would be nice to see new people in the comments.

Despite the overcast day, it was still brightened by the occasional smile from a stranger.  I bet some of these people would be surprised by how much I enjoy these moments.

After my nap, I will be trying a St. Hubert’s Beef pie.  I hope it meets my standards. ( I don’t tend to be picky so it probably will.)

Now the question that was going through my mind today is where will I come up with the money to get into Tai Lopez’s Accelerator Money program.   I was talking with my friend Lucas a few weeks ago, and I said if I knew as much about money as I do about computers or cars I would be a lot better off.  It is time to learn, and since I have had a very positive experience with the 67 step program, this is how I want to gain more knowledge.

I was mentioned in Ozzy Awesome’s recent video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF-2h6mQFrQ .  His videos are quite good, perhaps you might want to check out his channel?

Yours in napdom,


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