A pleasant weekend.

It has been a rather nice weekend.  I finished early Saturday morning as 2.5 Oyajis came on right after our show.

The weather Saturday was quite nice, this is certainly not any sort of December that I remember.

The apartment is slowly transforming…and I have found a few things.  There is really only one thing I want to find, a small part for a postcard printer that I have.  The rest will be ‘recycled’.

I have too many clothes, although no one could possibly guess that looking at me day to day.  They too shall be ‘recycled’.

The closet will be empty only a short time, to be filled up with Sara’s clothes.  I will be sticking to jeans and t-shirts (with added thermal wear in the winter).

There were a few hiccups the past two weeks but hopefully they are behind me.  Time to build up that momentum once again.

One thing I would like to mention, next week’s guest Michael Kreutzer has many stories of Hitchhiking/backpacking in Japan.  Here is a video to sample. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aajitedvFng .  I had invited Michael to be on the show just before he arrived in Japan but at that time he felt he didn’t have much information to share.  Now he sure does!  Just imagine, a ThreeOldDudes show where only one person is talking and the rest are listening….I know, pretty tough isn’t it.  It should be a good one.

There will be some sort of Ad on the channel this week, we haven’t done one of those in ages.

Time to eat and clear a space in the bedroom for storage.



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