Internet outage

The battery backup had gotten disconnected and the modem was connected as the battery ran down to zero.  This screwed up the settings and it seemed I no longer had the password to my account to reconnect the modem.  A call to tech support provided a new password and information on how to connect the fibe tv as well.   Heart attack over.  For now.

The next heart attack will occur when Sara sees what isn’t finished in the apartment, as the time to pick her up from the airport is approaching.

For lunch today I ended up having a slice of pizza, and when asked which type I said “surprise me”.  Not sure what kind of slice it was but it was good.

I’m hoping things will continue to fall into the proper place in a timely manner.  It will be nice to move forward with life.

You should see me tomorrow, instead of two days from now.


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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