Be balanced on your understanding of all things.

This to me is a quote to live by, I happened to hear it while watching one of Tai Lopez’s free talks.  He spoke primarily of buying existing businesses which I found rather interesting.  That and looking outward instead of looking inward with regards to all aspects of life.  Obviously, I like what Tai has to say and offer,  but this is my personal preference, not an advert.

Today’s lunch was abundant and I am still feeling the pain lol.

I’m hoping my order of a case of Tapatio sauce arrives tomorrow.  Intact.  There are sausages just screaming for some of this in my freezer.

Do you like me embedding videos?  Here are some of the ones I watched today.



These may be linked to others in my watch later list…oh-oh secrets revealed!

This morning after Tokyo Tonight we had an after party and I invited Doga Doga Tv to join us.  It was our first time ‘meeting’ face to face.  I hope to meet up with him for coffee sometime soon.

The unseasonably warm weather seems to lead to a rather warm apartment I have uncomfortably noticed lately.  I’m hoping it doesn’t interfere with sleep tonight.

Bye for now.


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