Monday brings Tapatio!

It arrived safely, all 24 bottles!  Yay!  Sara seems to think it stings her tongue though…more for me!

Only 6 pm but all is tired here, but let me add this video where the show is mentioned.

While I’m at it, I happen to really like sedans with some extra motive power, and one of those is featured in this Wasabicars video.

Otherwise it was an uneventful day, overcast with a bit of rain on the tail end.  Word is that it will be down to seasonal temperatures by the end of the week.

Remember yesterday I said my friend Al was in the latest LADYBABY video, here it is. (he is right there at 4:05, and the music might not be what you were expecting, but I find it fun!)

I hope they don’t mind me embedding the video…you do need to spread the good news after all.

I haven’t gone for a drive today, which means I caught the bus to work.  More time for napping afterwork!

Now I’m just watching Sara play Fallout 4, which happens quite often.

I may retire to the bedroom and listen to Tai Lopez for a while.



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