Double cheese double bacon Grampa burger?

Yes please, it hit the spot today.  Obviously, I haven’t sorted out healthier choices for lunch.  That will wait until Sara is working.  It doesn’t have to, but it probably will.

Have you ever heard of Soju?  It seems it is the most consumed spirit in the world.  At least, the world I’m aware of.  Here is a video by Steve Miller giving his impressions of Americano Soju.

I hope that generated a small grin.

I think it’s time to firm up meet up plans for the end of the month.  If I don’t do it soon it will be next year already.

I have fallen behind Charlie’s One Cuppa series.  Here are the last two.

I am watching the first one now, and hopefully, I will meet Charlie in person later this month.

Wait, there is one more video to watch, Zach is looking for some help in the job hunting department.

These videos will keep you busy for a little while if you let them.

It is time to wind down for the evening, at least that is the plan.  I might find a shiny and not go to bed until much later.

Isometrics are still in force at the moment, but the path to the bowflex is almost clear, and generating the will to work out after work is on the agenda.  Isometrics can be done at work first thing in the morning, although I do get the odd look if the light happens to strike me while I’m exercising.

I guess that was a shiny, isometrics.  Anyhow, see you hopefully tomorrow.


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