Waiting for that call…

A call to head to the airport to pick up a friend.  His flight left an hour and a half late so I still have time to sit and think about life.

Sara is napping, so the apartment is very quiet.  The star of the show is the howling wind outside, but despite that it feels very peaceful right here.

The show was fun today, and I got invited to the upcoming wedding of Stephanie and Basti in Germany.  I’ve never been there before, it would be neat if I could make that happen.

Care for a video?  Here is Mel on day 15 of Vlogmas.

We had Mel on the show not too long ago, and she has been visiting us in the comments ever since.

Have you ever wondered how many Umaibo you can fit in your mouth?  Andre helps answer that question with this video.

I need to make a quick video clip to send to Mully for his Christmas collaboration video.  This is open to anyone, anywhere.  You don’t need a YouTube channel either.  Here is his video about it.

The time is approaching to get ready to leave for the airport, bye for now.


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