A new start

Today Sara opened her Canadian bank account.  One more thing out of the way.  Sara was surprised at how painless it was to open a newcomer account here.

One other thing happened today, D*L decided that since I live in an apartment building there must be a buzzer code and no directory must exist therefore they won’t even try to deliver a parcel.  I may get it tomorrow….Dem sum lazy, b*tch-ass motherf*ckers Yo!

One to other things, namely YouTube videos.  Here is one that features two people I am subscribed to.

Does a 3 rotor RX-7 mean anything to you?  Then check this video out.

The day went smoothly,  lunch was delicious…Nacho Grande Poutine!

Now it’s time for a nap since I went to the bank with Sara right after work.

Bye for now.


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