All is quiet

The day was very quiet, not so many people out and about…I suppose for most of them today was a day off.  I prefer more people, it is more interesting for me and increases the chance of meeting someone new.

There is snow in Toronto, mixed with freezing rain.  I guess I’m wearing my boots for the first time the winter tomorrow.  I must allow extra time to lace them up in the morning since my current shoes have stretched enough to allow them to be slipped on with a shoehorn.

I have boots for work but not for play…I have been wearing the same slip-on pair of shoes year round for the past four years…in the winter I wear socks.  In heavy snow, they sometimes slip off so I choose to wear the work boots from time to time.

Life must be good if the only thing I have to talk about footwear.  It is moving in this direction and patience is as always, required.  There have been a few bumps in the road, including the ever unpredictable days of depression.  The aura needs some attention it would seem.  This calls for more reading.

I did happen to watch a YouTube video today, made by Tomoko Desu who Simon met during his visit to Japan.  Here is the video.

That is all for today, it is getting rather late.


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