An interesting start to the day

I had to start early today as it is a different schedule for New Years Eve.  I decided to park at a lot north of my reporting point and take the night bus down.  I ran into a few challenges.  First the lot has changed ownership so my current parking app didn’t work, so I installed the new app.  Second, after I parked I was waiting for the bus but the one I was waiting for started service at the stop below me.  This meant that I had to drive right to the division and park there.  The cool thing was that I didn’t drive alone.  I had been chatting with a fellow  that was also waiting for the bus south, so I offered him a ride to his destination since it was on my way.  So what I’m saying is that I met someone new today, it was cool.  I did get around to letting him know about our website,, so we may one day see him in the comments.  I did offer the usual warnings about our content and he seemed fine with that so you never know.  This was a great way to take a sour situation and turn it sweet.

So its New Years eve…and there may be a hangout for those willing…one never knows.  I am working  tomorrow but I start about an hour later than usual.

What about a YouTube video?  No problem at all, here comes Scott (chillinkansai) with a walk in the park.

Scott recently visited us and it is always a pleasure to chat with him.

I am going to make myself some dinner,  I may see one or two of you later if a New Year’s hangout takes place.


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