The last poutine

I had my last poutine of the year today.  This isn’t actually saying much since tomorrow is the last day of the year.  There will be a poutine free meal plan starting tomorrow.

Much of the snow has melted that fell on Monday night.Well, it was white for the holidays once, right?

Sara has been watching this show called the Science of Stupid, with Richard Hammond narrating.   I think that Richard is a great host, but I swear I can almost feel the pain of those people whose stunts go wrong, so I try not to look.  Inevitably I do look, though, just in time to see things go terribly wrong.  I have had my share of spills over the years and this show brings back painful memories.

I did catch a video on YouTube, this one Jenny Silver’s Japanese In Real Life channel.  There is a giveaway celebrating 500 subscribers, here it is.

If I am up to it I will lug the spare parts glider out to the trash so the Bowflex can be utilized once again.  Sara is looking forward to that.

This blog was typed with pleasure on a mechanical keyboard which was purchased with amazon gift cards I received Christmas Day from Sara’s parents (thank you Bill and Janette) and my mother (thank you mom).  It is a Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB mechanical gaming keyboard.  The RGB means that each key can be assigned its own color, and it is very nice to type on.

One last video then I will log off for the night.  This one is Comical Reina, and it was in the chatroom on her show Sugar and Spice with Tino that Simon, Dean and I first met.  Here it is.

I hope that there will be more YouTube in person meet-ups in the coming year.

That is all for tonight,


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