I turned up the heat today

In the car on the way home.  I have been spoiled by the unseasonably warm weather so this evening getting into a cold car was familiar in a long ago kind of way.

Tokyo Tonight was quite enjoyable today, shall I drop the link here?  Sure, why not.

I did miss Charlie’s One Cuppa, here it is for you.

Charlie and I didn’t end up meeting up.  I was working except for Christmas and the weekend plus Sara’s parents were here so it would have been too brief a visit.  There will be a meeting, once life here comes together so we can plan for future travel.

Steak was on the menu for lunch, as my mother didn’t like any of the choices offered up by our viewers on Saturday morning, although we both didn’t know what Swiss rosti was, google will probably tell me, or I could ask Frederick (Santa).

Well, off to bed.

See you tomorrow,


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