A nap too long…

The nap was too long today, I may have to start using an alarm clock just for that.  While I am thinking of something else to write, I present to you this video shared on Facebook by a friend I met via YouTube, David Wallace.

I met David through Kurt who I met through Mully who I met through Mark.  I have also met people added me to their circles on Google Plus.  I continue to meet many interesting people this way, this is a good thing. I even get the odd random friend request on facebook.

Why do random women want to talk dirty with me?  Or assume that just because I like bacon that I condone racial hatred?  Today someone with the last name of bacon made a friend request.  Further investigation uncovered a group of unsavory characters I have no desire to associate with.  Talk about using delicious bacon to promote hatred, this person was filed under ‘I’ for ignorant.

That was enough time wasted on that topic.  This calls for a video interlude.

There, that is better.  Now I face the challenge of sleep.  Will Georgia pee on the bed or leave a nugget on the floor during the night?  Does she know that the room has a door which may become closed to her during the night?  More importantly, does she care?  Nope, not at all…if she gets her pets, right away when she demands them, she just purrs and walks away when she is done with you.  Georgia has now determined that the empty amazon shipping box on the floor is hers and she is now inside it. Meow.

Tomorrow is going to come sooner than originally planned because I am going to bed before I get distracted with Facebook again.

See you tomorrow.


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